When Summit Goes Wild

You are proudly checking the badge on your neck to make sure people can read your name, mumbling your pitch one last time, taking a deep breath and finally opening the door...

Hm... It's weird. All the suits are quietly standing to the right. No one is talking to each other. They are just sipping their drinks, pretending they don't care.

And all the ladies are to the left. They are flirting with this one guy! Some women are straight rubbing on him like cats.

Clean shoes? New shirt? Golden watch? Or a diamond ring? WHAT IS IT ABOUT HIM?!

Well, lucky for you CurlyScents was able to find out.

Here is the list of 8 colognes all the women go cray for 💦

Click play to see how SBOY For Him ranks, or scroll left to watch the full list from the beginning. 

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Eau de parfum SBOY For Him. Bottle with the flowers. SBOY By Draco luxury fragrance for men from Soulja Boy. More than a cologne.

SBOY By Draco

SBOY For Him

eau de parfum
£237.00 GBP £262.00 GBP