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Article: 16 Colognes That Turn Women On

16 Colognes That Turn Women On

Top Fragrances For Men To Get Lucky

Alright, there is that girl sitting by the bar just a few feet away from you and everyone is looking at her. You are thinking to yourself... "What can I possibly say to attract her attention?"

You glance over your shoulder to scan the room. There is at least 20 guys getting ready to make a move. The pressure is on!

Suddenly, you notice that she moved her chair closer. She leans over and softly whispers:
  - "Excuse me. I really didn't want to impose, but I simply had to ask... What fragrance are you wearing?"


CurlyFragrance picked 16 colognes that work 99.9% to turn women on.

Click play to see how SBOY For Him ranks, or scroll left to watch the whole list from the beginning.
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